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Cluster development present theatre "culture" cover all Shanghai radioactive

Date: 2015-12-16

"Closed" overhaul 5 years mechi the grand theater, January next year will open the door for trial operation.Adjacent to the "form", a "immersion" theatre in Beijing west road, is expected to start before and after the Spring Festival next year, and is located in jiangning road art theatre, this three theater performance venues will be formed in the region culture "three pillar".In recent years, Shanghai theatre presents the cluster development situation, a novel concept of the theatre in the huangpu river.On poly theatre, Shanghai grand theatre, LanXin yue cubic, pudong big mara center grand view such as theater stage, or with the design feels itself to become a landscape, or into stores to become a landmark new culture and life.
In the theater, as the old Shanghai theatre, next year on January 5 to open particularly eye-catching mechi the grand theater.It is understood that the Russian national ballet swan lake, is expected to become the first mechi stage debut after overhaul of play.Mechi overhaul, the grand theater on 20 September 2010 as cultural relics protection unit, the repair to the principle of adhering to the "repair the old as sweet", however, below the seat air conditioning air supply outlet has been added, decrease the spacing, hitting a seat to expand stage facilities also comprehensive upgrade of audio equipment and boom.Mechi the grand theater, founded in 1941, was originally designed overseas film, the first round of the cinema.After the victory of the war, mei lanfang choice in this comeback, show the "thorn tiger" "think of worldly pleasures" "broken bridge" and so on.At that time, the viewer, majestic beauty and famous.And could soon be built "immersion" theatre will change a lot of the audience to the experience of drama.The so-called "immersion" refers to every audience likely to be plays the role of, promote the development of the plot.At the same time, Shanghai old theatre "tianshan cinema", at the end of the year will be to the appearance of "hongqiao culture and art center", to compensate for the loss of one thousand people in the area of the theater.
Presents the cluster development the theater theater, is changing the traditional cultural venues business philosophy.Some experts believe that in this theatre boom, the dislocation to seek diversified development is very important.Now, Shanghai there are still some small theater in the theater especially, because of the location and number relatively cold and cheerless.How to reasonable positioning, do a good job in marketing, and the area surrounding the brothers theater form linkage, is worth thinking about the problem of operator.