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12, line 13 new extended travel action Easy transfer station station of hanzhong road between two lines

Date: 2015-12-16

Metro line no. 12, 13 open station entered the countdown, ready to work?On December 14th afternoon, from 12, line 13 new extension of the residents along the representative agent camp opens a new line together, for the new stations service facilities "things".At the same time, the operator action in advance, help our passengers smooth ride.
In late November, early December, operators organized passengers on behalf of the agent in new line 12, line 13, ACTS as a "w" "things", for the new subway line station received advice about orientation identification, security facilities and other kinds of services more than 50.A passenger Suggestions such as: station station of hanzhong road line 1 and 12, line 13 transfer to the stairs to increase leadership;Line 13 nanjing west road station transfer adopts outbound transfer method, suggest the station hall layer increases the outbound transfer to tip;Line 12, the longhua road station body is bigger, unclear orientation, the platform nameplate is less, suggested increasing leadership and stick, etc.The operation will according to the passenger Suggestions for verification and correction as soon as possible.
12, line 13 new stations opened after the trial operation, the new 11 interchange station, including nanjing west road station and longhua station for off-site transfer to virtual transfer station, station station of hanzhong road, nanjing west road station will be with the existing form "change to the triangle" the people's square station.Due to nanjing west road station is virtual transfer, it is recommended that each other between 12, line 13 passengers transfer from station to station of hanzhong road station transfer.Opening line 12, shaanxi south road, no. 1, no. 10 line of shaanxi south road station will end the virtual transfer, realize the station transfer between three line, no more outbound passengers.Due to land development, the opening line 12, longhua station, line with 11 longhua station will be temporarily taken virtual transfer.The station transfer channels will cooperate plot development synchronous implementation, is expected to realize the station transfer in 2017.
Line 13 horses when road station design considering the resource sharing, not independent setting of public toilets, will use the toilet inside the adjacent to the mall, but the toilet must be 2016 putting-in-service proactively with the transfer hall.Before that, the passengers as need toilet, it is recommended that the adjacent to the station.At the same time, the expo boulevard stands up and down in different platform, please choose according to guide the platform when the passenger station, please spread the door waiting waiting.Line in addition, 12 east road, hong mei road, such as 7 station, line 13 natural museum, jiangning road 2 station platform for curved shape, must set aside train safe passage of space, is opposite bigger, so the train and the platform gap when boarding, please watch your step.