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Shanghai national culture heritage to create 10 vocational schools, the education base

Date: 2015-12-16

The Internet age, information spread rapidly, but traditional Chinese classical, folk art, folk folk traditional culture still let a person not forget for a moment...After more than a year of building, the Shanghai municipal secondary vocational schools national cultural heritage education base has grown to 10.
Vocational education pursuit of cultural quality, national culture from generation to generation.For a professional strong support, the secondary vocational student not only in the process of learning to understand the traditional culture, fell in love with the traditional culture, more and more students and teachers has become the successor of the traditional culture, innovators and disseminator, discover the beauty of nature, the beauty of life and the beauty of soul, promoting the development of Chinese excellent national culture prosperity.
By means of the professional advantages, carry forward and develop national culture, which is in the Shanghai municipal education commission in vocational schools focus on building and construction of education base of national culture inheritance.Shanghai vocational education experience, culture and educating people can copy, can promote samples significance.
Hot secondary vocational school learning traditional culture
For children grew up listening to pop songs, drama is like "old things".Long sleeve like water, gu long, when wearing a costume li yan teacher to do a few simple fold twirls action, her facial expression, action and posture are from ancient times through dance, graceful and restrained woman...In a Chinese opera performance art heritage education base -- opera school affiliated to Shanghai theater academy, held "opera short twirls" training class, the students wear elaborate costumes, twirls learning the basic skills, experience a female images in the traditional opera performance art of graceful and restrained and soft.
In December last year, according to "play to the professional competence, present national culture characteristic" the principle of the first five "base school" stand out, specific include: national music heritage education base -- secondary music school affiliated to Shanghai music college, boya tea rhyme heritage education base - Shanghai business school of tourism, opera performance art heritage education base -- opera school affiliated to Shanghai theater academy, arts and crafts heritage education base - Shanghai arts and crafts school, dance heritage education base in China - Shanghai theater academy affiliated dance school.The establishment of the bases for the broad masses of young students and even more people provides a platform for understanding and experience of national culture.
In the secondary vocational school, set off an upsurge of the traditional culture of learning.The students under the guidance of professional teachers, through to the professional learning and communication between peers, experience and feel the beauty of the traditional culture.Shanghai arts and crafts school, national culture as the arts and crafts heritage education base, this year held a porcelain carved training activities."Originally, porcelain carving is in bottles, basin, dish, bowl of items such as clean porcelain face, use special alloy tool carved carved pattern such as landscapes, flowers, figures and Chinese characters. Artistically, whether Chinese painting ink or calligraphy and seal cutting art stone interest, are available protean knife method, have extraordinary artistic effect."This is after the training, an experience of the students.
In April this year, in the city's biggest education exhibition, the 12th Shanghai education expo opening ceremony, 5 national cultural heritage education base of school teachers and students presented a joint performance of sound, color and delicate art, this is the first cultural heritage education in vocational schools, the base of the collective appearance for the first time.Accompanied by melodious sound bamboo flute, tea art performance and ethnic music, the combination of style restoring ancient ways will be full of han and tang dynasties of the brewing performance deduced to get incisively and vividly, the viewer in the long tea precipitation soul.Five thousand years of history culture has a long history in China, the tea art, from middle school students can etiquette, product life.Tea art show unique Oriental beauty not only, still can cultivate students temperament detachment.Fusion quaint tea rhyme, the students learn tea ceremony and etiquette, the tea ceremony, traditional han drama "peony pavilion" "butterfly lovers" and so on tea art show blockbuster.