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Alleviate the pressure of the downtown, along the river river-crossing transportation The urban water bus air routes

Date: 2015-12-16

Learned yesterday from the municipal committee, to alleviate the increasingly crowded city along the river, river traffic pressure, Shanghai will be in tomorrow at rush-hour, water bus air routes in the center of the huangpu river region, commissioning 2 months.
In the bund, north waitan lujiazui district and close to the huangpu river of large-scale business district, residential community, and large area of green landscape zone along the historical and cultural areas, etc. It has already formed a large scale passenger flow.Water bus traffic routes open to waitan lujiazui district, north bund and passenger flow along water direct channel, can let the commuter citizen in the early rush hour to avoid land transportation, make travel more comfortable and convenient.
Open the commissioning of water bus up line for "fair - jinling east road ferry ferry -" dongchang road ferry, downlink for - ty with stack "dongchang road ferry ferry -" fair road ferry, commissioning time is working day rush hours, or 7 when 30 points - nine, 16 when 30 points, 18, every 30 minutes, TDD daily has a total of 16 flights, one-way fares $4.Ferry co., LTD. Of Shanghai into three ferry the blog for trial operation "water bus routes.17, 18, two days, take water bus per passenger will receive a complimentary ticket.
At the same time, the water bus traffic routes separately along with road transportation hub for the connection of bus stations, some name fair road transport hub of the metro line 12, 37, 135 road, 868 road bus lines, dongchang road transport hub of Shanghai and south, lujiazui circle, 81 road, 993 road, fuxing east road transport hub, mall road transport hub, etc.